Innovative solution for large spans

The castellated beam is designed to withstand impressive spans with minimal loads and has proven itself as a versatile construction solution. Besides its common application as a roof beam, the castellated beam is often utilized in various other contexts, including architectural works, bridge construction, and as crane runways. With its wide range of functional possibilities, the castellated beam can withstand the specific loads characteristic of diverse applications.

Intelligent construction for optimal stability

The construction of the castellated beam revolves around a smart assembly technique. By cutting, shifting, and then welding a single profile longitudinally, the beams height increases between a factor of 1.25x up to 1.7x of the original hot rolled profile. This approach results in a reinforced structure with remarkable load-bearing capacity, ideal for demanding construction projects. Furthermore, by inserting an intermediate plate, profile heights of up to two times the original height can be achieved.

Stylish possibilities

The distinctive visual feature of the castellated beam arises from the clever design of the profile. This creates openings in the form of a lattice, which can be realized in various patterns such as hexagonal, octagonal, or circular patterns. These aesthetic and functional design options add an extra layer of adaptability to the beam.

Perfect synergy of form and function

At its core, the castellated beam represents a unique synergy between form and function. Its ability to tackle challenges of large spans and load restrictions, combined with thoughtful construction and customizable design elements, make it an appealing choice for construction professionals pursuing both outstanding performance and visual allure. With proven versatility and an innovative approach, the castellated beam remains an exciting option for various construction challenges.

Efficient and lightweight construction with high bending moment
Time, error, and cost savings in the production process
Steel reusability