Custom Steel Constructions

At Huys Liggers, we believe in the power of steel and the impact that high-quality steel constructions can have in both the onshore and offshore industries. Fifteen years ago, we embarked on a new direction, focusing entirely on producing custom steel constructions for our clients. These constructions are often too complex for our clients to execute themselves, due to factors such as weight, dimensions, required expertise, or capacity. Additionally, we have specialized in several unique products, including castellated beams, integrated  beams and custom steel plate works (up to approximately 150mm thick).

Products from Huys Liggers

The Advantages of Huys Liggers

Our global activities connect us with diverse markets and products worldwide. Whether it involves challenging onshore constructions, complex offshore projects, or architectural marvels, we take pride in leveraging our expertise to meet your specific requirements.

Certified according to EN 1090, EXC.2, and EXC.3 standards
Certified according to EN ISO 3834-2, welding processes 135, 136, 138 (MIG/MAG), and 121 (SMAW)
ISO 9001 quality certification
Capability to handle piece weights up to 20 tons
Product lengths up to 40 meters
Groundbreaking steel, centrally located in Europe

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Technology of Today, Quality of Tomorrow

At Huys Liggers, we continuously strive to deliver high-quality steel constructions that surpass the expectations of our customers. Additionally, we offer advice for execution during the quotation process if desired. Our dedication to quality and continuous growth forms the core of our pursuit of excellent results, both today and in the future.